Monday, November 14, 2011

Sport Car 2012 Arrinera Venocara

The sport cars 2012 Arrinera Venocara. A Well known sentence claims that modify is the only thing that is regular in the world and automotive industry, where nothing is permanent and lasting,the innovation that the British car creator Lee Noble.

Have depeloped almost 2000 auto cars, he has generated a status  not for developing for the most visual appetite of cars on market, but those witch are guaranted to knowledge driving an even higher level.


Base Price: £100,000.00

Engine 6.2-liters 8 Cylinder
power 650 Horsepower
Accelerated : 0-60 mph on 3.2 seconds
Top Speed : 211 mph or 339 km/h
Weight 1300kg

The situation is no different from its final offer to car customers and fans: The 2012 Arrinera Venocara.

The engine is 6.2 liters, and created of lightweight component to gusrsntee that its speed does not affect the magnitude of the motor.

This does not mean, however, that the motor vehicle damage simply because it is exactly what Arrinera vehicles take a position out from othe autos witch only triumph in the images and crash totally once put on the streets for a ceeck.

The car chassis is also created of product materials that are lightweight and has high substantial challenge to deformation, which provide protection for the driver and passengers in the car.

And lastly The 2012 Arrinera Venocara is the best car with features and exterior car with competing that of other cars wich are known as "supercars". Because this car are made of the exelent material quality.

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